Skoda Felicia Pickup

skoda feliciaFor years, there has been an unwavering interest of buyers in light commercial vehicles. There is a lot to choose from in this market segment, and Skoda Felicia Pickup is one of the cheaper propositions.
This van is a simple adaptation of the passenger version with all the advantages and disadvantages of this concept. The car is losing payload and cargo space with such French giants as Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo or Renault Kangoo, but has a good diesel engine, decently finished interior and, importantly, relatively cheap.
A superstructure was added to the open pickup truck, protecting the load box. The superstructure, including the double-leaf door, is made of polyester resins reinforced with glass fiber. The aesthetically pleasing structure is corrosion-resistant.
The passenger cabin taken from Felici makes a favorable impression. All instruments and indicator lamps to provide information to the driver, necessary to drive safely, are in his sight. The switches work fine. Protection against amateurs of someone else's property is a factory immobilizer placed in the key.
With frequent use of the car in the city, reservations may be raised by the lack of an air recirculation system, very useful when driving in traffic jams. Other drawbacks are the imprecise temperature regulator for heating the interior, as well as the badly contoured shape of the door pocket, the edge where the driver rubs his fingers when turning the windshield handle.
Loading takes place through a double door. The goods can be fastened with straps to the handles in the floor. The limitation that spoils the alignment of the cargo space are the shock absorber covers protruding from the inside – the result of using the chassis and suspension of a passenger car.
The specimen subjected to the observed exploitation is powered by a diesel engine with a capacity 1,9 dm3 from Volkswagen production lines. Because this engine is heavier than the base gasoline unit, the manufacturer additionally installed a transverse reinforcement, connecting the shock absorber struts. The unit has the right torque and power, to ensure correct driving characteristics of the van with the load, and it burns a little cheaper diesel fuel. After reaching the nominal temperature, the operating noises are not annoying to the driver, but the cold one makes itself felt with a characteristic clatter. The car passed close 70 thousand kilometers, and the engine did not cause any trouble. There are basics, to argue, that this engine can achieve long inter-repair mileages. The engine fuel system is equipped with a filter heater to ensure the diesel fuel flows to temperature -25 degrees. This device is supported, heat up quickly, glow plugs enabled trouble-free starting of the garage car "under the cloud" for two consecutive winters.

The diesel version is fitted as standard with responsive power steering to minimize driver effort, moving through city streets.
In a Skoda powered by an older diesel engine, the oil and filter have to be changed relatively often. On 67,5 thousand. km, six oil changes and four full inspections combined with an oil change were made. The cost of an oil change is approx 225 PLN, a review 450 PLN. The brake pads were replaced twice in the car, which cost 110 PLN, exchange 42 PLN, also the gearbox oil was changed twice. Blown bulbs in the instrument panel lighting were replaced and the drive shaft seals were replaced. The first major operating expense is the replacement of the timing belt, including accessories, after running it 60 thousand. km. The cost of parts and labor is 1429 PLN. Including for inspections during the run 70 thousand. km issued 4895 PLN.

The experience gathered during the two-year operation allows for the formulation of the following general conclusions:
□ The car has poor brakes.
□ Directory gives, that the load capacity of the vehicle is 575 kg. In practice, it is difficult to move with such a load, soft suspension causes, that the back of the car "sits down" deeply. So if someone has to carry "weights", let him choose another car.
□ The frequency of changing the engine and transmission oil is too high.
□ Skoda Felicia Pickup is a proposition for buyers, who are looking for a relatively cheap and simple car for transporting light bulky goods; the vehicle performs well both in the city and on the road.