STOCK R 119 – year 1924

STOCK R 119 – year 1924

Manufacturer: Stock Motorrad AG, Berlin, Germany

W 1922 of the year Berlin-based company producing motor plows - Stock Motorpflug AG, decided to extend its production program also to motorcycles. The first model was a motorcycle from the American company Evans, known for its high-quality light vehicles, manufactured under license. This motorcycle, equipped with a motor with a capacity 119 cm3, after gradual refinement, it appeared in 1924 of the year as a proprietary construction with the Stock R. 119.

A distinctive feature of the R model 119 was a single cylinder, two-stroke engine with displacement 119 cm3 (cylinder diameter 55 mm, piston stroke 50 cm) and power 1,5 kW (2 KM) at 3000 rpm. The crankshaft was mounted on rolling bearings. The engine had a magneto-type ignition system. The rear wheel was driven by a V-belt. A two-speed Fichtel gearbox was located in the wheel hub & Sachs. The engine was started by pushing the motorcycle or turning the pedals, what about its weight 60 kg was not too bothersome. The low weight allowed at the same time to achieve a relatively high speed 60 km/h. The vehicle had a tubular and "soft" frame” front suspension - fork with a short trailing arm, sprung with a quarter-elliptical leaf spring. A block brake was used for braking, acting on the rear wheel pulley or the so-called. Idle counter brake. The main advantage of "Knuppel”, as the Stock R motorcycle was commonly known 119, was simple construction, easy maintenance and low price.

W 1927 Hanni Kohler riding a Stock motorcycle 119 broke the world record for 24-hour driving in category A - do 125 cm3. Motorcycles in a special design have also achieved many successes in racing, with water-cooled engine.

Model R 119 were produced until the end of the 1920s. W 1928 In the year, the company produced new construction models, Eng. Heussa, with two-stroke engines with displacement 198 cm3, 246 cm3 i 298 cm3. The power units of these vehicles were locked to the gearbox, The drive to the rear wheel was carried by a shaft with articulated joints and a double frame, tubular.

W 1933 Stock motorcycle production year, previously transferred to Heidelberg, was finished.