TERROT HST350 – year 1928

TERROT HST350 – year 1928

Manufacturer: Ets. Terrot, Dijon, France

One of the largest French motorcycle factories – Terrot - started its activity in 1901 year. After the initial period, in which it produced bicycles with outboard engines, launched the production of capacity motorcycles 175 —500 cm3, quickly gaining a clientele and a good brand among manufacturers of two-wheelers with internal combustion engine.

There were two power units in Terrot motorcycles- and four-stroke engines of our own production and also of the English company JAP.

The HST model is a classic representative of the middle capacitive class 350 with 1928 year. Single cylinder engine with non-removable cylinder head (the so-called. ślepak) he had the power 6,6 kW (9 KM], Three-speed gearbox, manually operated, it was placed by itself. The source of power for the ignition installation was a magneto. The simple frame was made of steel pipes. The front oscillating fork was sprung on two coil springs (construction by Druit). Rear wheel, chain driven, it was not sprung. Both wheels are equipped with drum brakes (maxillary). A motorcycle with a curb weight 140 kg, due to the relatively low engine power, it only reached the speed of 80 km/h. The manufacturer stated, that the fuel consumption was 3,5 liter of 100 km.

In the years 1933-1937 Terrot motorcycles with displacement engines, jump 350 cm3, but a little more powerful (marked with the HD symbol) were also assembled in Czechoslovakia, at the Vigor-Terrot company in the North Moravian city of Olomouc.

Worth noting, an interesting structure, was the Terrot vintage motorcycle 1937 with a two-cylinder engine with a cylinder capacity 498 cm3, which had an overhead valve with a camshaft in the cylinder head.

In the 1950s, Terrot, which at that time also owned the well-known label Magnat Debon, became part of the Peugeot concern. As part of the Automoto association, it was involved in the production of mopeds.