The English motorcycle company Ariel

The English motorcycle company Ariel

The British motorcycle company Ariel is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers, because the production of three-wheeled motorcycles with the De Dion-Bouton engine started in 1898 year. The owners of the company were the Sangster family, which was characterized by more commercial ability, than technical or sports ambitions. W 1902 In the year, Ariel's production program made the first appearance of two-wheeled motorcycles, first with a powerful engine 2,6 kW (3,5 KM), the well-known company White & Poppe from Coventry, and two years later with the engine produced under license - in-house.

Before the First World War, Ariel offered motorcycles with a two-stroke displacement engine 348 cm3, four-stroke - with a capacity 498 cm3 and 670 cm3, with a low valve timing. Soon, a motorized vehicle appeared on the list of vehicles offered for sale 250 cm3 by Blackburn and heavy motorcycles, equipped with two-cylinder power units 796 cm3 i 994 cm3, of the Swiss company MAG.

In year 1926 Jack Sangster became the director, son of the founder of the company, which he realized in time, that the Ariele are indeed solid motorcycles, with good engines, but they lack avant-garde solutions and individual traits for success. So he hired new people, who were to decide on the further development and character of motorcycles. They were Wiktor Mole, commercial director, Vale Page, a great constructor from JAP, and most of all Edward Turner – main constructor. The results of their work were presented at the Olympia Show in 1926 year in London, where Ariel has launched two new models: 550 with a low valve and 500 with OHV overhead valve. These bikes, which were very popular, had good front trapezoidal suspension, durable double frame and modern engine, although placed separately from the gearbox - in a typical way at the time. High engine power for those times 10,3 kW (14 KM) allowed to reach maximum speed up to 150 km/h. The production volume proves the extraordinary popularity of these models, which in 1929 year exceeded 1000 pieces per week.

The first Ariele with a four-cylinder displacement engine 500 cm3 i 600 cm3 with OHC overhead valve timing formed in 1930 year. The engines of these motorcycles were distinguished by a design that was unique in the world – 4 cylinders arranged in two rows and two crankshafts coupled with gears. Soon, models with OHV overhead valve timing joined these unique designs, with displacement 350 cm3, 650 cm3 i 1000 cm3.

W 1936 In the year, Jack Sangster purchased the Triumph company in Coventry, whose leadership he entrusted to Edward Turner. At that time, Ariele, apart from commercial success, they also achieved sports successes, especially in Trial races.

W 1970 year, Ariel was absorbed by the BSA concern, within which . it was entrusted with the production of two-stroke motorcycles and a small three-wheeler with a Laura engine. In the same year, the Ariel brand, creating the history of the English automotive industry at one time, ceased to exist.