Toyota Corolla 1992-1997 test

Toyota CorollaInitially, Corolla had a limited number of followers. Because who would like simple, poorly equipped car (the times when the Japanese tempted with "extras" are long gone) with slow-sucking diesel? There was no airbag, tachometer, and the door upholstery was made of simple plastic surfaces.
However, it quickly turned out, that the true value of Corolla lies elsewhere. Through all 100 thousand. km, the car was not sent to the workshop unplanned even once! Nothing broke, there was no need to take advantage of the long warranty. Even the brake pads survived the whole distance. This is an unprecedented result! Even the demolition did not show any significant shortcomings, we found only slight signs of corrosion in the front of the car, in the stringers. The whole engine (acetabulars, cylinders) it was in perfect condition.
There were also things while driving, which annoyed. The most noise, crackles came from everything from the cockpit to the back shelf. Criticism also concerned imprecise gear changes and complicated handling of too hard seats. Over time, more and more things gained recognition. The dynamic and flexible engine was eager to increase the revolutions. Driving the Corolla was fun, almost relaxing. Average fuel consumption is perhaps not perfect, but it does save money. Only driving at full throttle caused wear 10 l/100 km.
Traces of exploitation have been found in the gearbox: only the second gear synchroniser ring is left to the wear limit 0,1 mm.
Corolla was behind the wheel 56 drivers. Therefore, it is not surprising, that the clutch disc lining and the torsional damper springs have worn out.

Years of production 1992-97

VII 92: 7th generation Corolla debut; VIII’93: presentation of a two-liter diesel engine; V'95: new base engine 1.3 (power 75 instead 88 KM); VI ’97: another model change.

► Technical data
Chassis: 3- or 5-door. hatchb.: dim. 4095/1685/1380 mm, capacity. bag. 309/7481, weight incl. from 945 kg; then: length. 4270, capacity. bag. 420 I; also a station wagon, liftback, coupe.
Motors: benz. 4-cyl.: 1.3 16W75-88 KM, 111-115 Nm, 1.6 16V/114 KM, 145 Nm; 4-cyl., diesel 2.0/72 KM, 131 Nm, swirl chamber; other.
Chassis: front drive or 4×4, 5-speed gearbox. man or 3-, 4-run. Or.; zaw. independent. front col. McPherson, rear multi-link axle.

► Faults
• hałasujące elementy wykończenia wnętrza
• high oil consumption (some engines)
• leaking vacuum and cooling system lines
• szybkie zużycie sprzęgła

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 793
front fender 979
complete clutch 1092
brake pads (front) 271
front door glass 204
timing drive 767
Toyota Corolla 2.0 D, 1994 r.

► Summary
Toyota engineers focused their attention not only on ensuring the legendary durability of cars. Thanks to its high power, even a noisy diesel engine is dynamic. Suspension provides comfort, but when driving fast, it is not very stable. Service at authorized stations is expensive. Exemplary reliability. Dynamic engines. Poor equipment