TRIUMPH – year 1907

TRIUMPH – year 1907

Manufacturer: Triumph Cycle Co., Ltd., Coventry, Anglia

The origins of the Triumph brand date back to a year 1885, when two entrepreneurs of German origin - Maurice Schulte and Siegfried Bettmann, founded a company in the English city of Coventry for the production and sale of bicycles – Triumph Cycle Co. Ltd. Thanks to the good quality of its products, the company soon became known all over the world. After ten years of successful bicycle production, Maurice Schulte had the opportunity to try out one of the first motorcycles in the world, constructed by the German company Hildebrand & Wolfmuller. The attempt delighted him so much, that together with his partner, decided to produce this new type of single track vehicle, called in England "motorcycle”. After the completion of the construction works and adaptation of the factory equipment to the new production program, the commencement of 1903 year: production of light motorcycles with JAP and Fafnir engines. In year 1906 Motorcycles were fitted with their own single-cylinder engines with power 2,2 kW (3 KM).

Vehicle with 1907 year had many modern design solutions, e.g: spray carburetor, high voltage magneto, crankshaft supported on ball bearings, swinging front fork, sprung by a compression spring. Company, known for the good quality and reliability of its products, she had no problems with too much. Already in 1907 years sold over 1000 motorcycles, in the following year, this number tripled. The commercial success has also been linked to the series of good results achieved by the company's racing bikes. In the Tourist Trophy races in 1907 year (on the Isle of Man) in the category of single-cylinder motorcycles, Triumphy took second and third place, and in the following year, thanks to Jack Marshall, the company even won a golden wreath.

The power of the Triumph single-cylinder engine was soon increased to 2,9 kW (4 KM). It was produced in this version until the outbreak of the First World War.

After the war, one of the most interesting models was the Triumph Ricardo with an overhead valve engine (OHV), four-valve. Its constructor, Harry Ricardo used the latest research on the combustion process and the flow of the mixture in the cylinder.

After the reorganization in 1936 year the company became part of the Ariel company, in which the designer was Edward Turner. Its successful Speed ​​Twin model with 1938 year, succeeded in vehicles until the 1950s, when the plant joined BSA.

Currently, Triumph is an independent brand in the NVT concern, that is, Norton-Villiers-Triumph.