VICTORIA KR 1 – year 1920

VICTORIA KR 1 – year 1920

Manufacturer: Victoria-Werke AG, Nuremberg, Germany

Victoria, a company known for its solid bicycles, w 1899 year, launched the production of motorcycles. The first vehicles had engines from other specialized companies.

After the First World War, Victoria was among the leading motorcycle manufacturers in Germany. She owed her honorable place, primarily, the robust KR model 1 with engine from Bayerische Motoren Werke (which at that time was not yet producing its own vehicles). BMW two-cylinder engine (boxer positioned longitudinally) with displacement 493 cm3, gaining power 4,8 kW (6,5 KM). Unshielded flywheel (on the side of the engine) it also served as a driving pulley, because the V-belt transmitted the drive to the rear wheel. The simple tubular frame had front suspension with a trapezoidal fork and short push-arm. The broad ones were characteristic of these models, deep fenders and high handlebars.

W 1923 year, in which BMW started producing its own motorcycles, Victoria had to quickly start engine production at her plant. Martin Stolle helped to achieve this goal, former designer and associate of Dr.. Eng. Max Fritz from BMW, who developed the engine, initially produced at the company of Wilhelm Sedlbauer in Munich. It was also a boxer, but with an overhead valve (OHV). Sedlbauer production capacity was insufficient to meet demand, so Victoria bought the entire company, by transporting production equipment to its plant in Nuremberg. New motorcycle model, marked with KR 2, it still had a belt drive and a two-speed gearbox.

W 1925 Stolle left Victoria, was in the new label Vorster & Stolle Motoren AG, with headquarters in Munich, deal with the design and production of the Stolle tourist car 6/40 PS. We will meet again with the name of this outstanding designer in 1926 year, when from the Berlin company Deutsche Industrie Werke, in which he was the main constructor, D-Rad motorcycles left.