VICTORIA – year 1904

VICTORIA – year 1904

Manufacturer: Victoria-Werke AG, Nuremberg, Germany

The bicycle factory under the name of Victoria-Werke was founded by the village of 1899 in Nuremberg, two entrepreneurs - Max Frankenburger and Max Ottenstein. They started with 280 bicycles per year, by w 1895 year, when the plant was transformed into a joint stock company under the name Victoria Fahrradwerke AG come to over 11 000 vehicles per year.

We meet the first attempts to build our own motorcycle in Victoria already in 1899 year. At that time, the factory did not produce engines yet, but bought power units from other well-known manufacturers, such as Cudell, Fafnir, FN, Minerva or Zedel.

The model z 1904 of the year with a Fafnir drive unit was produced at the Nuremberg plant. Single cylinder, The air-cooled Fafnir engine was powerful 3,3 kW (4,5 KM - in the professional literature there is also the statement, that the power of this unit was 1,75 KM) and mixed (upper-lower) valve arrangement. Suction valve, placed in the head, it worked automatically, while the exhaust - in the cylinder - was controlled. Engine, not yet equipped with clutch and gearbox, it was attached to a simple tubular frame (bicycle type), which had a reinforced front fork. The rear wheel drive was transferred via a leather V-belt. The motorcycle was started by pushing or with a foot controller.

In years 1905-1909 cars with single engines appeared on the market under the Victoria brand, two- and four cylinders. Bicycles were still the main production program. Such a situation existed practically unchanged until the outbreak of the First World War. After the war, the factory was one of the best German motorcycle manufacturers.