Volkswagen Golf II test 235 000 km

golf2Can an old car with high mileage be less expensive and difficult to maintain than a brand new car straight from the line?? The Golf II proves it is. Of course, the driving comfort or the behavior of the car on the road clearly stand out from modern competition (which doesn't mean, that the car is uncomfortable or dangerous), however, costs are no less important for many people.
Golf was bought as a used copy. He served faithfully for the next several years. Interestingly, at the end of the test, the car was not dismantled. He turned out to be so good, that… it goes on after sale. In the end, the Golf turned out to be a very cheap car. It has gained a lot from the symbolic loss of value. Unfortunately, even though it was an extremely durable car, a lot of money was spent on various minor repairs and replacement of consumables.
Old, the carburetor engine covered the whole distance without any repairs, it has never been stripped. He didn't need a drop of oil for top-up during this time! It caused the most problems, repaired many times, automatic choke. Also the driveshafts did not want durability to match the power unit. Corrosion did not cause any damage, but (spacious) the interior was irritating with minor flaws: the sunroof was making noise, the armchairs swayed.
One of the two unscheduled stops was due to damage to the driveshaft. Earlier, the car stopped after an alternator failure.
Many items were replaced during the test: set of shock absorbers; Shields, brake drums and hoses; wheel bearings; clutch; cooler; exhaust.
Years of production 1983-91 – IX ’83: presentation of the Golf II; I ’84: GTI version (1.8/112 KM) and turbodiesel 70 KM; VII ’87: face lifting of the body; VIII 89: Golf TD (80 KM); I ’90: an elevated version of the Country with a drive 4 x4.

► Technical data
Chassis: 3- and 5-door. hatch.; dim. 3985/1665/1415 mm; capacity. trunk 345/1145 I; then Jetta (2- or 4-door): 4315/1665/1415 mm, capacity. bag. 550 I; kabriolet. Motors: benz., 4-cyl.: 1.3/55 KM, 1.6/70-75 KM, 1.8/84-98 KM, 1.8 107-112 KM, 1.816V/129-139 KM; diesels: 1.6/54 KM, 1.6/70 (turbo). Chassis: front drive or 4×4, chest 4- or 5-speed. man., 3- or 4-pole. automatic; zaw. front independent. col. McPherson, t steer axle.

► Faults
• oil leaks (engine, chest) and coolant (pump, heater)
• noisy drive joints
• corrosion of headlights
• stuck automatic choke

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 500
front fender 467
complete clutch 1183
brake pads (front) 210
front door glass 169
timing drive 93
VW Golf II 1.6, 1990 r.

► Summary
Golf is also a cult model in Poland. As a result, it reaches inflated prices. The exterior is comfortable and spacious. Huge mileage, what a car is capable of achieving are a fact, unfortunately, most of the available copies are already behind them. The choice is made easier by the wide range of versions.
High durability Practical, large interior Wearing out of cars