Volkswagen Polo 1994-1999 test

volkswagen poloThe powerful engine and rich equipment revealed the high ambitions of the small Volkswagen. Despite the fact that the operation proceeded without major disruptions, The demolition showed a couple of flaws.
Not all components ensured a long, trouble-free mileage. Corrosion did not cause even the slightest damage, but the engine might have brought problems (worn bushings) and driveshaft. At the end of the test, the inside of the car started to get less and less pleasant. Mainly due to noise, which took its toll from the very beginning (especially in terms of 2,5-3,5 thousand. obr./min). Later, disturbing sounds from the exhaust system began to intensify (first the sheet metal cover of the collector broke, then the exhaust manifold). The jamming sunroof was also not adding to the comfort (improper riveting still at the factory) and a hook-and-loop gear lever.
Who put up with burning over 8 liters / 100 km, to enjoy the pleasure of driving, what the 75 HP engine gave. The reaction to pressing the gas pedal resembled GTi cars. She also liked it, quite hard suspension characteristics. But when driving straight ahead, there were problems with keeping the direction, which worsened even after replacing the tires with winter ones. For this, numerous advantages of the body were appreciated: great ergonomics of the spacious interior and comfortable armchairs.
The smoothness of the cylinders was minimally worn, on the other hand, the shells of the second and third cylinders would only hold approx 50 thousand. km. Exhaust manifold point.
The timers and the cat's toothed gear showed minimal, little significant wear, on the other hand, there is a lot of play on the left-hand drive shaft.

Years of production 1994-1999
I ’94: presentation of the Polo III; VII ’95: engine 1.4 replaced the old version 1.3, model Classic; IX ’96: engine 1.0 instead 1.05; XII ’96: debut of new power units 64 SDI i 1.4 16V; face lifting Polo

► Technical data
Chassis: 3- and 5-door. hb: dim. 3715/1655/1420 mm, capacity. bag. 245/ 975 I; 4-door. Classic: 4164/1640/ 1414 mm, capacity. bag. 455/762; combi.
Motors: benz., 4-cyl.: 1.0/45-50 KM, 1.3/55 KM, 1.4/60 KM, 1.4 16W101 KM, 1.6/75 KM, 1.6 16V/120 KM; diesels, 4-cyl.: 1.9 D i SDI/64 KM, 1.9 TDI/90, 110 KM.
Suspension: front drive, 5-speed gearbox. man. or 4-pole. Or.; zaw. front independent, col. McPherson, torsionally flexible rear axle.

► Faults
• occurring noises in the interior (e.g.. sunroof)
• low durability of the exhaust system
• suspension faults
• headlight leaks
• electrical system failures

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 500
front fender 467
complete clutch 1183
brake pads (front) 210
front door glass 169
timing drive 93
VW Polo 1.6, 1994 r.

► Summary
The third-generation Polo has exceeded the dimensions of the first Golf. And this most clearly proves the adulthood of this car: spacious comfortable body provides comfort, solid Volkswagen engines economy, power and durability. A large number of versions makes it easy to choose the optimal one.
Refined body. Robust components. High cost of ownership