Volvo V40 test

Volvo V40The attractive-looking Volvo V40 did not quite live up to expectations. The biggest problem was the behavior of the car on the road – sporty suspension settings (option) they were far from harmony and comfort, there were problems with traction in the wet, the steering was lacking in precision. 140-The horsepower engine seemed much weaker, and the shifting of the gearbox was disrupted. The high cost is a result of purchasing a very well-equipped version, and hence a large loss of value. Also average fuel consumption (almost 10 l/100 km) consider it to be excessive.
Enough of the flaws. Thanks to its spacious body and extensive equipment for long journeys, Volvo was a particularly favorite vehicle. In the long run, everyone was satisfied with the car. It is hard to underestimate the durability and reliability of the car. Not once did it refuse to obey, minor shortcomings were rectified under the warranty. The demolition of the car showed minimal engine wear, suggesting still a long trouble-free mileage. Likewise, the clutch and gearbox. Despite the heavy loads (e.g.. driving with a trailer) they showed no significant wear and were assessed, that they would have traveled at least twice as much. It did not suffer the slightest loss, perfectly protected against corrosion, body.
The front and rear brake pads took the same mileage – 61 thousand. km. Mechanical components and the body survived the test in perfect condition.
During operation, the only element replaced (outside of the operational ones) turned out to be a steering rack. The new one was put on under warranty.
Production from 1996 – III ’96: premiere of the Volvo S40 (se-dan), six months later, the V40 station wagon; IV ’97: changes to the chassis; X ’98: new interior design; IV ’99: modernization of drive units, better equipment.

► Technical data
Chassis: then: dim. 4483/1717/ 1411 mm; capacity. trunk 471/853 I; combi: dim. 4480/ 1720/1410 mm, capacity. trunk 413/1421 I.
Motors: benz., 4-c.yl.: 1.6 16V/105 KM; 1.7 16V/115 KM; 1.8/125 KM, direct injection; 1.9 16V/140 KM; 1.9 16V / 160, 200 KM (turbo); diesel, 4-cyl., 1.9/90 KM (turbo).
Chassis: front drive, 5-speed gearbox. man. or 4-pole. Or.; zaw. independent: front wishbones, multi-link axle title.

► Faults
• defekty akumulatora
• turbo problems (gasoline)
• zerwanie paska rozrządu (diesel)
• loud operation of the air conditioning compressor
• alternator failures (vintages 97-98)

Parts prices in PLN
reflector 1177
front fender 1015
complete clutch 1235
brake pads (front) 252
front door glass 653
timing drive 784
Volvo V40 2.0, 1996 r.

► Summary
The S / V40 series is noteworthy. In cars from the beginning of production, you can have reservations about the culture of engine operation and non-harmonious suspension settings, however, the spaciousness of the body and durability convince easily of the Volvo. In the years '97 and '99, significant modernizations were carried out.
Reliability High level of safety Deficiencies in the structure