WALTER – year 1902

WALTER – year 1902

Manufacturer: Josef Walter, Motorcycle production, Prague, Austria-Hungary

The machine locksmith Józef Walter had 24 patch, when (about 1898 year) in Prague, He rented a small workshop in Smichów, in which he initially repaired scales and bicycles, and then assembled bicycles from parts imported from the British BSA arms factories. Thanks to this, he gained the necessary experience, enabling the production of motorcycles to be launched.

The first motorized two-wheeler left Walter's company in 1902 year. The driving unit of this vehicle was an air-cooled single-cylinder engine with power 2,2 kW (3 KM), attached to the bicycle frame. The rear wheel drive was transmitted via a belt. Brakes, the front and rear were the same, which were mounted on bicycles. It took some time for the motorcycle to become reliable and sought after by buyers. He won the first prize in 1903 year at the Economic Exhibition in Prague. It was a silver medal awarded by the cooperative organization "Jednota” for the impetus to the development of industry in Bohemia and Moravia.

W 1905 In the last year, Walter expanded his company's production range with a second model, the so-called. type B, with a two-cylinder engine of power 3 kW (4 KM). Two years later, the company refined its models using (for the first time) rear wheel drive via chain, in place of an unreliable belt.

The workshop grew gradually. W 1909 year, Walter produced his first car. The increasing interest in the car resulted in, that the factory in 1914 In the same year, it gave up the production of motorcycles.

After the First World War, the company was transformed into Akcyjna Fabryka Samochodow, Józef Walter and the Company. The founder of the company was no longer able to manage the plant and set up a branch for the production of gears in the Praga district of Koszir. W 1925 In the year, the production of motorcycles was resumed, but it no longer attained its former significance and size. Only in 1939 year, thanks to son of Walter, Jaroslaw, the Walter brand reappeared in the motorcycling circle. These were only performance engines with a displacement 248 cm3, initially with OHV and then OHC, which the competitors assembled into the chassis they prepared. The first complete motorcycles were built by Jarosław Walter as a constructor of the ĆZ company.